Sheryl W. Turgeon, MPH, CHC, CMMS
Certified Health, Nutrition and Vital Living Coach 


Hi, and welcome to the Your Health Potential web page.

As a Certified Health, Nutrition and Vital Living Coach, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. Whatever your concerns are, my job is to help you discover which food and lifestyle choices will work best to support the life you desire. When diet changes, everything changes.

A true holistic approach to life incorporates all things that nourish you,  not just  food. These include positive, honest and open relationships, a connection with Spirit, doing work that ignites your passion, and moving your body in ways you enjoy. I will work with you in person or over the phone to help you bring your body back to life with health. When you  experience exhilarating  transformations that you may previously have given up on, you suddenly fall in love with your life all over again!

Having been successfully coaching clients since 2009, I have a variety of programs to choose from, and most of them are centered around whole fresh food. Whether you want to lose weight, firm up, or free yourself from chronic ailments, chances are you'll need help. With my Certification in Health and Nutrition coaching, a Master's in Public Health with emphasis on Behavioral Change, and my Degree in Psychology, I am equipped to help you as a Coach, Teacher and Guide in your journey back to optimum health.
What Are My Clients Saying?

When I did the five-day sugar detox, I didnt feel deprived. I had no temptation to cheat and never felt hungry or tired. I would consider doing it again, though Im still substituting one meal with it. I felt a sense of power over my body!
-Janice P.

I have lost 22 pounds! I feel more confident, more assertive and Im making better food choices.
-Joyce F.

Now I feel sexy again!
-Christine D.


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Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, we can meet in person if you live nearby. Otherwise we can meet by Skype or Telephone...It's up to you!
The first step is to take your health into your own hands and contact me.

Sheryl W. Turgeon
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Coaching women
to enjoy healthy,
nourished bodies,
and fall in love
with their lives.



You can view some of my appearances on The Women In You's Cable Show "Living Healthy" below:   

March 2010 -"When Food Is The Enemy"Guest: Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of Your Health Potential.

Sheryl Worthington Turgeon talks to Jackie Bell about food sensitivites and allergies and their effect on the body.

Sheryl uses her background in Psychology, Public health and Nutrition to help women enjoy their bodies, experience abundance and fall in love with their lives. Sheryl can also be heard on the radio as part of the DreamVisions 7 Radio Network.

January 2011-"Healthy Food and Lifestyle Tips" Guest: Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of Your Health Potential

Jackie interviews Health, Nutrition, and Vital Living Coach, Sheryl Worthington Turgeon, of on getting back to the basics of whole fresh foods and reducing food allergies and sugar sensitivity

Sheryl uses her background in Psychology, Public health and Nutrition to help women enjoy their bodies, experience abundance and fall in love with their lives. 

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