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A 2007 graduate of The New England Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies in Bourne MA, I have an office in South Dartmouth, MA, where I practice Reflexology. I am recognized by the National Reflexology Certification Board (RCB) as a Master Reflexologist and I am a certified Advanced Practitioner of  Hand & Foot Reflexology from the New England Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies. 

Linda Cornell
Certified Master  Reflexologist

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient technique of applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet and hands, combining pressure point touch, massage and aromatherapy. Using precise finger and thumb placement even the smallest reflex can be addressed. It is the gentle stimulation of these points that help clear the body’s energy flow so that the organs can function effectively resulting in a feeling of well-being through the restoration of vitality and balance. Reflexology is a complex holistic healing system which addresses the whole body: bones, muscles, glands, organs and vital fluids encouraging the body to naturally heal itself.

Benefits of Reflexology include:

Reduces stress
Improves sleep
Aids in elimination of bodily wastes
Improves circulation
Reduces pain
Regulates body functions
Promotes deep relaxation

Kind Words From My Clients:

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me and giving me the birth experience I have always wanted." ~Mary Kate, Little Compton 

"Wonderful...Just wonderful.  I smiled and sang all the way home...Love, Peace, Light, and Joy. Good Stuff!" ~Eileen Faxon, Westport 

"Although reflexology is focused on manipulation of the feet, Linda Cornell's intuitive touch reaches all aspects of your well-being. In her quiet hideaway in the woods, Linda has created a sanctuary in which to reach depths of true relaxation, a rare luxury in our harried world, and to relieve many of the symptoms of our stress filled lives. Linda is a gifted and attentive practitioner of the healing arts: you will always leave feeling spiritually lightened, physically relaxed, and often improved in areas of your body afflicted by pain or illness. Linda conscientiously continues training and learning to keep up with the latest knowledge of reflexology and other areas that hone her skills as a health and wellness practitioner. You will always be in good hands with Linda."
~MMT California

"I experienced 90 minutes of pure bliss under Linda's skillful hands. Her years of training, experience and passion for her work comes through with every touch. I am so grateful to have received and benefited from this sacred work that she is doing."
~Laura Marie, Integrative Yoga Therapist, Professional Level Kripalu Yoga instructor, Level II iRest Instructor. 

"Felt terrific yesterday and today as well. You are definitely doing your life's work, and it is so apparent that you have a true gift."
~Chris Boyd

"You are awesome! You deserve a billboard on I-195. More people need to know about reflex(ology)."
GG Smithfield, RI


Also Available:

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation 
Certified Health Technician for MediConsult 

Using pulsed electro magnetic field therapy helps to alleviate stress and promotes healing. When used alone or in addition to bodywork, the results are deep relaxation and a profound feeling of wellness.

Located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, my office is an intimate space nestled in the woods. The peaceful surroundings help promote tranquility and safety. I bring a compassionate heart as well as an intuitive approach to my work. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of my clients. I feel that Reflexology is not an indulgence but rather one of the essential elements of total well-being. As your body responds and awakens to the work, my goal is to help you learn to trust the body’s inherent wisdom: The desire to create health.

Acknowledging the feet as the physical transport to one’s dreams offers my clients a view of an often neglected part of the body. With each session there exists the potential to connect mind, body and soul/sole, while establishing balance within both the physical and energetic bodies.


"You can draw away from happiness, hesitate, or simply be too busy to notice it. Or you can grab the moment and commit yourself to allowing happiness into your life. " 
~Unknown author

Dartmouth, MA - 508-636-4779 - 774-263-3155
email: Linda@solereflex.net

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